vrijdag 17 december 2010


This new adventure with flockguardiandogs started in June 2010 when I got my Akbash boy Bulut. A rescue organisation wanted re homing him and I was looking for a dog to guard my house and accompagny me with my horse.

He was almost two years already and hadn't had any experience as a 'normal' dog. The first week I almost broke my fingers when I took him for a walk on a leash!
He didn't know horses, so he was kicked by mine. 
He never had seen a house from the inside. And he wasn't aware of the fact that the garden fence mend that it was the end of property...;-)).
The first encounters with other dogs looked like strong attacks to measure strength and I had to cling myself to the nearest tree to keep him away.
So this was a real challenge.
I phoned to the nearest doggy school to help me with his upbringing. And within a fourth night we were accepted there. They had never seen an Akbash before, but a dog is a dog they said. And because he was to big to go to puppy class, we started in the first obedience group for the one year old doggies.
To be continued.....

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