maandag 5 december 2011


Today we went outside for our daily walk to the beach.
 It was 'raining icedrops' and very winterylike and windy. 

When the dark cloud disappeared there was a very loud  t h u n d e r  with lightening just above our heads!
I fel on the street because the forces where to heavy. And in a split second I thought I'd be hit, but this was not so. So I looked of my dogs where hit or allright and got up my feet again.
 I saw Bulut running up and down the pavement, still very anoyed by the sudden thunderstrike.
Bulut who very much fears this kind of weather (normally shaking and shivering in the house when thunder is there) was loose and it seemed that hewanted to run from the scenery: but as fearfull as he was HE DIDN'T RUN AWAY because his flock (I and three other dogs) were still there. He did not want to leave us there on our own! The house were Bulut lives is just 2 min. from where I fell on the street, but he didn't care for his own safeguard. He stayed with the flock he had to protect.

Bulut and I we have a very deep and special contact, and today I admired him again for who he is! A dog who is there for you and not concerned with his own wellbeing.

We got up and went on to the beach. The wether stayed oke, it was just this one sudden blow!  There wasn't much beach because the seatide was high and with the storm even higher.
But we were alone and could relaxe again from the unexpected start we had.
How I admire my Akbash Bulut.....

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