woensdag 18 april 2012

Big Boy Bruno on the Beach!

Since his arrival some weeks ago, Bruno experienced live in Europe or the Netherlands to be precize....;-)). A daily walk , untill now, on the lease. In the beginning just 100 meters and back, the next time 150 meters and back. Bruno never new he was big, so easely scared by every day live here : people passing on the sidewalk, other dogs, new smells, different sounds. Nothing, no really nothing was as in good old Turkey.....
But Bruno has his mirrordog Vellah on his side since he acted scared to normal things and her influence is very calming and reasuring, every walk again. She is a good guidance dog for  'newcomers'. Bravo Vellah.

Anyway after all these weeks of practise Bruno had his premiƩre at the beach today! Without a long leash and for the first time accompagnied by his fellow Turkish dog Bulut and of course Spanish Vellah, he joined us for a big walk on a quiet beach.
Bruno enjoyed the compagny and the freedom and never betrayed the given trust, he just liked to join his temparelly boss and cling to her many times...
Bruno was impressed by the sea, tipped his feet in the water and didn't dare to go deep.
Unfortenatly he was joining the other dogs on a long dike/pavement made from heavy stones in the sea. The shortes way to get to his owner was a diagonal across the water...... he started to run towards me, but there are shallow and deep parts, and Bruno lacked sea-expierence obviously.....
So his feet lost contact with the bottom below, he couldn't see, he couldn't swim and found himself in a difficult situation , how to overcome this sudden malaise? He tried to go straid, but is was still to deep, then he turned and found sand onder his feet again, but also very big sharp rocks, Bruno pulled through. Found himself back on the dry 'dike' he came from and was still very strong in coming to me again. And Bruno unless his adventure , run towards me with a big big big Brunosmile on his face, the long and dry way this time.

I think Bruno is happy here.

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