donderdag 19 januari 2012


 Mr. Bruno is a big boy from Turkey who lives at the shelter. He is a kind and gentle boy that never gets in trouble with other dogs. Most people hesitate by these sized dogs and therefore he will go into foster with us around March 2012. So we are very much looking forward to the arrival of Mr. Big Boy Bruno and train him as a housepet in Dutch circumstances..... I think he will like his friend to be, Bulut and the 11 yrs old Spanisch beauty Vellah.

More information about his caracter and background:
Bruno in the shelter (picture by Petra Poorter

Bruno came by plane yesterdayevening. Still sedated he accepted the crowded airport , he got used to the strange suitcases on wheels with there annoying sound. Didn't respond when the customs outside used there blue lighths on their cars and heavy sounds whilst driving away. No Bruno stayed his kind big self!
When we arrived at home we introduced Bruno to Bulut at a parking spot nearby. And in stead of a little clash which I anticipated for, Bulut smelled Turkey and Bruno was immidiately accepted in a very gentle way! Bulut will be his guidance for the coming time. I see a softness in Buluts eyes when he is around Bruno, which I never saw before.
Bruno entered the house not taking notice of the two cats at all. He is acting as a cat himself. Jurking his body ontoo my legs as I pas by. Mr Big Boy Bruno is a Big HARTED boy. We already feel dearly for him. For the moment Bruno has his domain in the kitchen, what better please could there be......;-)).  We slept all nigt very tight and Bruno woke up with a big smile on his face.

Bruno is now a week here. He is very tired by all new impressions on a daily basis. He is still very kindharted , playfull, gentil friend who loves attention from everybody. But he'll never force himself to anyone! In this few days he already stole our hart-big time . 
He is soooo gentl, he acts like a playfull puppy!
 On our short walks in the forest and near the seaside he is timide, awaits things as they come by, a shy little Bruno. His coat is very soft, let you brush him as long as you want. He is happy with every moment of love he recives. He is again such a special , kind one that immediately finds his way into your heart.
Bruno and Bulut
Bruno says goodbye to Swati that died so suddenly...
Bruno with his deep warm eyes

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