maandag 2 juli 2012

Summer Holiday in Holland!

Bulut and Bruno two mates
Early in the morning , live starts at the beach!

I'm sorry but if I 'turn' the foto it will be like the one here on the left....?

So please turn your head in order to see it properly ;-)).
Charming little black and white Vellah, with her strong mind

Is the sea already getting warmer?

Aging but stil happy and lifely. She is sooooo special!

Deerhounds, playmates from Bulut. He finds them a bit scary because of their seize....

 Untill now Bruno never met them.... he is also impressed by these 'ponyseized' dogs!

But after a while wants to know more about them, he likes other dogs very much! Not yet playing with them though....

Here ends our walk.
The summer, perhaps not very hot, is good here on the beach. Bruno , Bulut and Vellah have not a bad life here in Holland. And the joy happyness can be read from there eyes. I'm happy to have such nice , kind, caring pack of secondhand dogs. I think : 'secondhand roses' can flower whenever you take good care of them!

 Update 4th July 2012

Bruno (alias The Big Friendly Giant) allready made it to the news! 
In order to find him a home, publiced this mister Brown in their magazine....
This is not a bad beginning to life in the Netherlands. Thank you Petra from 'wereldpootjes'.                          

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